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I'm Mia Claes aka The SuperStyler. I live in Hasselt, the fashion city par excellence and the capital of taste. As a child I was already interested in clothing and fashion, mainly under the influence of my mother, a real shopping queen avant-la-lettre!

On my 14th birthday I received an electrical sewing machine from my grandmother, who had taught me to stitch on an old Singer with a foot drive. I started making clothes for myself and dyeing them (black). It was the early 1980s and punk and new wave were booming. A few years later the Antwerp Six graduated from the fashion academy and I really wanted to study there. But daddy had other plans for his only daughter. Life brought me to different sectors such as communication, tourism and later events. But fashion was always very present in my life!

A few years ago I realised that life is not infinite, and you have to make your dreams come true now! I decided to do the 'FashionStylist' course with specialization 'Wardrobe planner and Personal Shopper'.

In the meanwhile, The SuperStyler has been operational for several years and I have built a substantial customer base. I hope I can count you in soon!

My Style-ID

Name: Mia Claes

Place: Hasselt

Colourtype: Deep Winter 

Figuretype: H

Styletype primairy: Extravagant, dramatic style

Styletype secundairy: Natural, casual style

Favorite designer: Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent

Styleicon: Anna Wintour

Favorite colours: black, red, cobaltblue, green, white, brown

Favorite looks: rock chic, lots of black, fluffy materials en shiny fabrics, long and flowy dresses, leather jackets, boots, animalprints, glamour, ...

Motto: "Dress for a (small) party everyday!"

My view on clothing, shopping, fashion and trends ..


... Is probably not what you would expect from a fashion stylist. I do not believe in slavishly following styles and trends. Buying something new every week  because you are bored with the old? That’s really not for me! To me, clothes are stories, they carry the memories of my life in every fibre. A favourite piece of clothing is a part of yourself and you probably never want to get rid of it and just keep on wearing it forever.

For example, 15 years ago I bought a black halter dress (at H&M!!!) that looked fantastic on me, hid everything I wanted it to hide but did show my beautiful bosom. It was black so it had endless combination possibilities. A hole was repaired, and again and again until I finally had to admit it: the dress was worn down to the thread and actually no longer wearable. After 15 years!

Admittedly, not all of my wardrobe is full of clothes that are 10 years or older, but I really don't buy that many pieces in a season. I decide for myself which way I want to go and I adjust my new purchases to what I already have. Sometimes you can give your wardrobe a big boost by simply purchasing a few good accessories in a trendy colour: bags, scarves, shoes or jewellery.

And occasionally, when you do buy a whole new outfit, always keep the future in mind! Do not buy your clothes too tight, the chance that you get slimmer over the years is usually quite small. Do not buy crazy prints, you will get tired of it quickly and your environment will soon be bored with it as well. And buy quality. This doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive: look at the composition of the fabric or washing instructions and you can already make a good estimate of the expected service life.

More tips and surprising insights? Please follow my new SuperStyler Blog ...

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