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Personal Shopper | Wardrobe Planner | Fashion Stylist

You have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?

You often look the same or underdressed. You always go for the safe option while in fact you would like to have a modern, stylish and up-to-date wardrobe that's completely in tune with your body and personality.

The SuperStyler provides independent and professional style advice. Together we will find out what suits you best, what does not suit you at all, which fabrics and silhouettes best fit your figure and which colours or combinations look great on you.

I help you to refine your personal style, without the often frustrating and time-consuming search for those perfect pieces. I take into account your colour and figure type, personal taste, lifestyle and budget. You will get valuable shopping and style tips so that you will be a lot more confident in life in the future.

Consider me your personal style consultant, fashion expert and honest friend in one!




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Re-discover your own closet!


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Personal Shopping

No more shopping disasters!



Learn how to have a sustainable wardrobe!


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Give some style for every occasion!


Yves Saint Laurent


A good feeling


"After I quit smoking, I gained almost 10 kilos in less than a year. I literally had nothing left to put on. Thanks to Mia, I have a very nice basic wardrobe again, supplemented with some nice trendy items, but above all, I have regained my confidence. Mia understands the art of making someone feel good about themselves ... "


Katrien, interior architect, 47, Bilzen




Everything was clearly explained


 "It was clearly explained to me why and how I could change my outlook on clothing. I was informed of the lesser sides in my collection, for example 'is it necessary that eight out of ten shirts have the same diamonds?". Nothing was forced on me and in consultation it became clear how my style would be refreshed. Mia gives really professional advice, but you are also on the road with a "girlfriend" who makes shopping pleasant. "


 Joost, lawyer, 53, Stevoort




Compliments of colleagues


"I live for my job and I hardly have any free time. I often spend time abroad and therefore I have very little time to think about my clothing. I live right in the center of Antwerp and I often  just walk into any random store that is still open before going home. Then I literally buy the first thing I kind of like. This makes my wardrobe really look like a mix of styles and colours. It's not consistent and actually nothing really matches together. Since the shopping session with Mia I have received many compliments, also from colleagues. It really shows that I have had professional advice. I am really happy that I did it and it is certainly worth repeating. "



Yvonne, Phd  internal medicine, 44 , Antwerp


Combine better


"My clothing was spread out over five different places in my house. I had no idea what I had and what I could combine. First we sorted everything by season and when we got rid of everything that was too small, too worn or out of fashion, about one third was left, Mia taught me how to make nice combinations and she made a list of essential pieces that I still need, which is very handy for my next shopping trip. My budget is limited so it is important for me that I do not buy the wrong things that later remain unworn. "


Isabella, conductor, 56, Hasselt



Value for money


"I always dressed quite young, but when I became a mommy at a later age, I no longer felt comfortable with that very youthful style. Moreover, my body had changed and I was looking for a new, own style. Mia's advice has made sure that I am now aware of what I like, which colours flatter me and what I better not wear. This advice was well worth the money. I can recommend it to everyone "



Tamara, hairdresser, 38, Houthalen

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